Welcome to RCTHM

Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan (RCTHM) is one of five English speaking Rotary Clubs in the Netherlands, out of a total of around 350 clubs in the country. We have about 40 members, from some two dozen nations; our members come from the diplomatic corps, international courts and tribunals, other international organisations and various multinational companies.

RCTHM is the oldest English speaking RC in the Netherlands and has celebrated its 25th anniversary in October 2015. We have been honoured, on numerous occasions, with the annual Rotary Netherlands award as the club providing the largest charity contribution per capita. In some years we have exceeded 1000 € per member, all obtained through various events organized by the membership in and around The Hague.

RCTHM being part of Rotary International, is an organisation of business and professional persons from all works of life of different nationalities united in their wish to provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

All these it does through its service arms - International Services, Community Services and Vocational services. RCTHM is dedicated to upholding the Rotary International motto “Service Above Self“.

By the nature of our membership, with many members being posted to The Hague for a limited number of years, we are always looking for new members to replace those who have left the country.

Persons interested in joining our club can contact the secretary.